5 best smartphones in 2019 Which one is best for you

There are many best smartphones in 2019. It very difficult to pick because there are many  smartphone market competitors. Here are the Top 5 phones you can buy today and our guide to picking the best one for you.

When you choose a phone, you should consider these things: quality and design, ease of use, features, performance and value.

There’s more than one mobile phone operating system, but really only two worth talking about: Android and iOS. Windows phones are still around, but only one percent of all phones sold, so it makes more sense to go with Android or an iPhone.

1. Google Pixel 3 specification

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the best phones you can buy right now, provided you don’t want an iPhone. The only differences between both models are the larger screen (and notch) and battery on the XL.

They have the best camera ever on a smartphone, outperforming all rivals in most situations. Both have the most premium Google phone hardware to date, good battery life, can charge wireless and are waterproof.

The notch might annoy you on the 3 XL but the smaller one is there with hardly any compromise. The phones cost from  $799.

2. OnePlus 6T specification

Although it lacks a headphone jack, wireless charging and waterproofing, the OnePlus 6T is still one of the best phones you can buy right now. It is fairly priced, has the best specs you could hope for, looks great and has cameras that can compete with its rivals.

The glass construction, outstanding display and lightning quick performance starts from  $549 – an incredible price, but you can find the Galaxy S9 for about the same now. The dual cameras are a shade below the quality of the Pixel 3, but most people won’t care or notice.

While its phones have always been excellent, the OnePlus 6T is its best ever, and the phone with which its small compromises finally don’t matter.

There’s also an awesome McLaren Edition with new paint job and 10 GB RAM that you can buy here.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

  • RRP: From $999

The Galaxy S10 Plus is the best Galaxy phone ever with outstanding cameras, build, display and performance. The Exynos version is let down by its merely acceptable battery life.

It’s also very expensive from £899 / $999 and then some, but it’s a wonderful experience with OneUI’s thoughtful additions, slick day to day use and more features than you can throw a stick at.

The Pixel 3 has a better camera and the OnePlus 6T is a better deal but if you want a premium, flashy Android phone with every feature under the sun then this is the one to get.

4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro specification

Huawei Mate 20 Pro


It’s a mark of how good Huawei phones have become that there are two in our Top 10. The Mate 20 Pro has a large vibrant OLED screen, particularly great battery life and awesome triple cameras with a slender notch.

At $833 it’s Huawei’s most expensive phone yet (though you’ll struggle to buy it in the US) and benefits from improvements made to Huawei’s EMUI software. AI features also improve the camera experience over the P20 Pro, and it adds 3D face unlock and reverse wireless charging so it can charge other phones.

Stereo speakers, waterproofing and 128 GB storage to ensure this is a phone that will last you into at least two or three years of use.

5. iPhone XS specification

Apple iPhone XS

The second generation of Apple’s notched flagship iPhone is one of the most expensive phones in our list at $999, but that’s the same as 2017’s now discontinued iPhone X.

The OLED display is outstanding and features like the totally secure Face ID unlock system make it the most futuristic phone Apple has ever made. Performance is flawless, much like the build quality. It’s probably still the most desirable phone in the world.

It is fast and wireless charging compatible, but only comes with a slow charger in the box. But improved battery life and amazing dual cameras still make the iPhone XS a no-brains if you already love iPhone and iOS.

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