Top 5 Best Bunk Beds for Kids in 2019 Review

The best twin beds provide ample space for your siblings, guests, and children. However, getting such a bunk beds is not easy for most people, especially online because of the few brands that are on the market. For your convenience, we have designed a review of the best double beds for children in 2019. Take a look.

1. Dorel Living Sierra Bunk Beds

Three steps makes getting to the top easy. Then, the lack of legs on the lower terrace provides additional stability so your children can sleep well at night. Beds are included with your purchase so you do not have to make a separate purchase.

Then both bunks can be turn into their own twin beds if your kids want a change of scenery. Its rugged wooden structure lets you know that the bunk bed is sturdy and solid.

2. Zinus Metal Bunk Bed

Your kids will not have to wait long before enjoying these metal bunk beds. They are easy to assemble with their quick locking system. The lucky kid downstairs will have more room than a comfortable one.

The sliding ladder makes access to the top of the hill easier and is attached to the steel frame with a few bolts. 175 pounds is the weight weight for each bunker. Mattresses are sold separately.

3. Angel Line Creston Bunk Bed

If you don’t have a lot of space, this size twin bed will suit your needs. After assembly, these beds will carry up to 175 pounds. If necessary changes you can break the bed without much trouble.

All wooden designs make sure your kids stay safe all night. The upper trenches have guard rails on either side. The actual height is 60 inches.

4. Storkcraft Solid Hardwood Bunk Bed

The use of hardwoods tells you that the maker is safe in your child’s mind. Hardwood is tough, hard to break, and will last a long time. The tail end rails provide decor to the children’s bedroom.

Four steps to the top of a fully guarded hill. Safety is the key with these bunk beds. Then, when the child wants a change, they can be easily broken into individual beds.

5. Better Homes and Gardens Wood Bunk Beds

The twin size mattress is easy to put on both beds in this set. The classic wooden design allows you to divide the bunks into two individual twin beds as your children grow up.

Then, the upper porch has a protective rack around to keep your baby safe and sound while they sleep. Solid wooden ladders are designed to support your baby’s weight as they climb from top to bottom.

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